Chicken and broccoli pasta

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Western cuisine

Quick and easy

“An easy and healthy chicken and broccoli fusilli dish.”

A similar dish to the prawn pasta.

You will need:

One and a 1/2 tablespoon sunflower oil
1 bunch of broccoli
2-3 garlic
1-2 fresh chillies
300g diced chicken breast
1 packet of sundried tomatoes
1 chicken stock cube/ 1 tablespoon
50ml white wine
Season salt and pepper
Handful of pine nuts
Garnish parmesan
1 packet of fusilli
Drizzle olive oil

Start by filling water into the fusilli pan and bring the heat to boil, season the water with salt and olive oil. Once bubbling, add the fusilli till it’s al dente, which is at least 10 minutes.  Drain the water and quickly run some cold water over the fusilli before transferring into a bowl, to prevent the fusilli from sticking from each other, drizzle olive oil.
In a separate pan, on low heat, add a drizzle of sunflower oil, chopped garlic and chillies. Bring the heat to medium to high before adding the diced chicken, cook the chicken for a few minutes before adding the small pieces of broccoli. Cover the pan with a lid to let the broccoli steam before adding white wine, chicken stock, sundried tomatoes and seasoning. Mix well and check it’s seasoning. Make sure the chicken and broccoli isn’t over cooked, the broccoli still needs to have a crunch. Lightly roast the pine nuts in a small pan. Serve right away with garnished parmesan cheese.

Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_01 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_02 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_03 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_07 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_04 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_05 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_06 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_08 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_09 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_10 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_11 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_12 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_13 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_14 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_16 Broccoli_chicken_spaghetti_19


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Born into a family that love food, Kelsey inherited her cookery skills from both her grandmother and mother that enable her to prepare delicious home cooked meals.

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