It all started during the time when Hong Kong was still a British colony, Sharon and Philippe were first introduced by mutual friends at the Mandarin Oriental. It was love at first sight and three-weeks later, the love birds moved in together. At the time, Philippe did all the cooking while Sharon discovered his style of home cuisine. They frequently went on exotic adventures and shared a common understanding for their love of food. Sharon went on to teach Philippe how to eat like a real “Asian” which is eating chilli! Because according to him, french mustard and pepper were spicy enough for his palate.

image6 image13

The love birds eventually went on to getting married in a little village in the South of France and moved to New Zealand. There, Sharon used to grow her own little local herb garden to make her authentic cooking and make Peranakan/Singaporean food with her best friend.

image10 image9

They eventually relocated to London and that’s when the love rats were born! Mom was so excited to be a mother, but what was even more ecstatic was the fact she was expecting twins (to answer your question, no we are not identical, it looks pretty obvious because we’re different genders).


At 1 and a half years old, mom and my grandmother fed little me vegetarian soon kueh with local made chilli sauce, in our home in Singapore. This and i’m sure the start of my love affair with Asian food!

9 countries and 30-years of marriage later, food is still a hot topic amongst the family.

In loving memory of my dad, Philippe M.E Requin.
28.7.1962 – 13.6.2017

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