About Kelsey



Based in Perth, Australia, after completing a double major in Journalism and Public Relations at Curtin University. It eventually lead me to complete a 6-month culinary course at the prestigious French cooking school Le Cordon Bleu in London. Half way into receiving my certificates, I was offered a 3-month internship at Le Gavroche, Roux at the Landau and Roux at Parliament Square, then The Greenhouse.


A digital cooking portfolio dedicated to my grandmother and my mother for inspiring me to learn Singaporean food and to all the countries i’ve had the privilege to live in.

“FOOD IS MEMORIES” – It all began Sunday morning, the faint smell of salt and the sound of crashing waves on the little island of Mauritius. My little tummy rumbling, I’m mentally putting on my imaginary apron and eagerly start assisting my dad in making a tortilla omelet; which became a Sunday brunch tradition for the family. This is my first memory of being in the kitchen and already having the excitement of one day creating something on my own to be enjoyed amongst loved ones. Through time, trial and error I slowly developed the confidence of cooking alone and started challenging myself in attempting to make Asian dishes. Whenever I reminisce my childhood it makes me realize how much food already played an important part in my life whilst developing my palate and taste buds with all these exotic spices.

Based on home cooking rather than the influences of industrial or restaurants. A fusion of traditional recipes with my own touch of “savoir faire.” Some typical home made dishes that people may not have ever heard of and will simply develop a craving when talking about it.

I remember hitting a cross road at the age of seventeen when my parents and teachers asked me: “what do you want to do when you grow up, which career path do you want to follow and where do you see yourself in ten years time?” Those questions would haunt me, but; I knew that being bound in an office in front of a computer for hours on end was not for me. It wasn’t until I worked for two summers in a boutique hotel on the magical island of Santorini; that I started realizing I was becoming passionate for the food which was created before my eyes by a talented chef.

Rather than going into a culinary school right away I decided to put it on hold to complete a bachelor degree in Australia. One of my units required the creation of a blog, this was when Tasting Tales came to life. Tasting Tales is a combination of my mother’s Eurasian upbringing, my father’s Mediterranean heritage and my understanding of all the cuisines i’ve come across.

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