Pulut seri kaya

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Asian cuisine

Quick and easy

“A two-layered dessert with steamed glutinous rice forming the bottom half and a green custard layer made with pandan juice. Coconut milk is a key ingredient in making this kuih. It is used to impart creamy taste when cooking the glutinous rice and making the custard layer. Pulut seri kaya can be served with it’s original colour that is yellow or green from the pandan colouring.”

My Aunty Val is not only known for her Devil’s curry but for her desserts too, she makes the best nonya cakes and this is something I’ve always been interested in learning. When I was really young, eating this whenever I transited in Singapore and living in Brunei, I would always question myself as to how the rice layer was added without it changing colour from the egg custard.

You will need:

5 eggs
1 tablespoon corn flour
170g caster sugar
200ml coconut milk
Pandan flavouring (Sold in China Town)

350g glutinous rice (also known as Thai sticky rice)
1 pandan leaf (Sold in China Town)
Pinch of salt
350ml coconut milk
Add 50ml of water
Blue colouring droplets added once rice is cooked (optional)

Start off by rinsing the rice in cold water till the water becomes clear in colour then drain. Add in the pandan leaf with coconut milk, a little bit of water and a pinch of salt, leave it to soak and infuse for a couple of hours but if you have time, it’s preferably best to soak overnight. Cook the rice into a rice cooker and disregard the pandan leaf once it’s steamed. With a fork fluff up the rice into a container then press it down firmly and compact, making sure it is all pressed down to the same layer.
Onto the custard, on the lowest heat, incorporate the eggs, sugar, coconut milk and corn flour and gently whisk till the sugar has dissolved. Add the pandan flavouring till you’re visually content before sieving the filling over the rice. If there is any bubbles on the custard, use a blow torch. In your steamer, place a rack to prevent water to seep into the kuih cake. I do not have a big enough steamer, so I used my big pan and placed a bowl inside, the bowl won’t crack because the water temperature is set on low heat. Gently without disrupting the kuih, place into the steamer with a cling film and closed with a lid. Steam for up to an hour. Leave the kuih to cool before cutting into shape and serving.

Pulut_seri_kaya_01 Pulut_seri_kaya_02 Pulut_seri_kaya_03 Pulut_seri_kaya_04 Pulut_seri_kaya_05 Pulut_seri_kaya_06 Pulut_seri_kaya_07 Pulut_seri_kaya_08 Pulut_seri_kaya_09 Pulut_seri_kaya_10 Pulut_seri_kaya_11 Pulut_seri_kaya_12 Pulut_seri_kaya_13 Pulut_seri_kaya_14 Pulut_seri_kaya_15 Pulut_seri_kaya_16 Pulut_seri_kaya_17 Pulut_seri_kaya_18 Pulut_seri_kaya_19

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Born into a family that love food, Kelsey inherited her cookery skills from both her grandmother and mother that enable her to prepare delicious home cooked meals.

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