Honey orange zest chicken roast

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Western cuisine

Quick and easy

“A straight forward chicken roast dish, perfect for a summer’s sunday roast.”

I love chicken and I like to mix things. This is such a simple dish to make, when I used to be in university, this was one of the quickest dish I would whip up for my brother and I. The combination of the zests, rosemary and honey gives it a delicious sweet and citrusy taste.

You will need:

1 chicken (free range)
1 orange
1 lemon
Drizzle olive oil
A bunch of rosemary
A packet of baby potatoes
2 garlic

Begin by preheating your oven to 240 degrees. Season the skin of the chicken with salt and pepper, then in a little bowl, squeeze out honey and mix it with olive oil. Zest the skin of the orange and lemon and mix that into the bowl and with a brush, evenly spread the honey mix onto the chicken. Pick the rosemary sprigs and cover it over the honey mix. With the orange used for the zest, use it to stuff it into the cavity of the chicken with a few sprigs of rosemary.
Cooking time in the oven is between 60-75 minutes.
Lastly, for the baby potatoes, cut them in half and mix them with rosemary, salt, crushed garlic and olive oil. Mix well then add it into the oven till cooked.

Chicken_honey_zest_01 Chicken_honey_zest_02 Chicken_honey_zest_03 Chicken_honey_zest_04 Chicken_honey_zest_05 Chicken_honey_zest_06 Chicken_honey_zest_07 Chicken_honey_zest_08 Chicken_honey_zest_09 Chicken_honey_zest_10 Chicken_honey_zest_11 Chicken_honey_zest_12 Chicken_honey_zest_13 Chicken_honey_zest_14 Chicken_honey_zest_15 Chicken_honey_zest_16 Chicken_honey_zest_17 Chicken_honey_zest_18 Chicken_honey_zest_19 Chicken_honey_zest_20 Chicken_honey_zest_21 Chicken_honey_zest_22 Chicken_honey_zest_23

The Author

Born into a family that love food, Kelsey inherited her cookery skills from both her grandmother and mother that enable her to prepare delicious home cooked meals.

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