Quiche Lorraine

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Western cuisine

Quick and easy

“A savoury pie that consist of pasty crust filled with cheese and smoked bacon. Quiche lorraine, derived from the french region of Lorraine. It is a popular dish that was originally an open pie with a filling of custard with smoked bacon or lardons. It was only later that cheese was added to the quiche lorraine.”

During my childhood summer’s, going back to the south of France to see the family, I would always order a quiche lorraine for lunch. Later on in life, I was taught this dish during my basic training of french cooking.

You will need:

200g plain flour
5g salt
100g cold unsalted butter (cut into small cubes)
1 egg yolk
10 ml water

100g smoked bacon/pack lardon
80g Gruyere cheese
1 whole egg
1 egg yolk
125 ml double cream
125 ml milk
Seasoned with pinch nutmeg, salt and pepper

Start by pre-heating your oven to 180 degrees. Grate the cheese and begin to prepare the savoury egg custard by adding a whole egg, egg yolk, double cream and milk. Beat lightly and season and leave to rest in the fridge. Making the savoury short crust pastry, crack a whole egg and a little bit of water then wisk. In a separate bowl cut the unsalted butter into small cubes. Sift the flour and salt on the table, with your fingers to break down the butter, then when that is done make a well and add the egg. With your pastry scrapper, begin to do a chopping motion then need the dough with your hands. Wrap the pastry into cling film and leave it to rest in the fridge for up to 10-15mins. Lightly dust some flour on the table and rolling pin and begin to roll out the pastry to the size of the pastry dish. With a pastry brush, remove the excess flour. To bake blind, cling film some beans for 10 minutes, lower the oven heat to a 150 degrees; remove the beans and add the pastry in the oven for another 5 minutes. While waiting for the pastry, heat a frying pan and stir fry the smoked bacon/lardon for a minute or so until lightly cooked. Drain any excess oil from the bacon/lardon with some paper towel. Add the bacon/lardon, gryere cheese on the base of the savoury shortcrust pastry before adding in the egg custard. Bake for 21-25 minutes until the filling is set, starting to turn golden. To know when the custard is set, shake the tray to see if there is any movement in the middle. With a pairing knife, scrape the sides of the pastry. Quiche can be served warm or at room temperature, with a green salad, roasted pumpkin and pine nuts.


The Author

Born into a family that love food, Kelsey inherited her cookery skills from both her grandmother and mother that enable her to prepare delicious home cooked meals.

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