China town – London

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The good thing about living in the West, especially in the UK where there is such a vast cultural diversity, is not having the feeling of being home sick. Making home closer to home! Luckily for me, I can easily get all the authentic ingredients in China town that is around the corner of Leicester Square. Yes it may be a little pricier due to exportation or limited stock but there is no arguing this place is able to keep the same quality and consistency as any place in Asia. I love everything about China Town, with the bright walls in every corner and eye catching red lanterns and vector at the entrance; it is forever a hustling and bustling hot spot. Going there I somewhat feel a sense of belonging and able to identify myself with everything that it has to offer. Over the years it’s become very popular with the tourist for street photography, it’s quite funny seeing their expressions as it’s obviously quite a culture shock.
Though it isn’t that big, it has all the supermarkets, restaurants and bakeries to offer for those who are intrigued to try.

Obviously, many of us aren’t able to venture into town, so there is other shops you can access:
FLK Chinese groceries in Catford Road,
Wing Yip in Edgware Road,
Ruyi Oriental Supermarket in Westferry Road,
Hoo Hing in Park Royal,
Tawana Oriental Supermarket in Plaistow Road,
China Ark Supermarket in Stepney,
Loon Fung in Alperton.

Sous Chef

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The Author

Born into a family that love food, Kelsey inherited her cookery skills from both her grandmother and mother that enable her to prepare delicious home cooked meals.

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